Oregon Health & Science University


Portland, OR


4-year public university


Undergrad: 736 | Graduate: 1,985


Full-time: 1,390 | Part-time: 876

Why Concourse

The School of Dentistry at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) was looking to upgrade their outdated syllabus management system and implement a tool with greater capability. The school was seeking an accessible, easy to use, sustainable syllabus solution.

The Backstory

The School of Dentistry at OHSU has 80+ instructors that provide specialized instruction to over 300 students. The school was using a curriculum analysis tool as a standalone system for creating and managing syllabi. After revisiting the tool, they realized that it was outdated and no longer actively supported by the developers. This prompted the School of Dentistry to analyze and define their ideal solution for instructor-centric syllabus management.

In-house Evaluation

OHSU deploys an open source learning management system across the entire institute, but the School of Dentistry found that they were unable to analyze syllabi directly with the open source software. Additionally, they noticed that their syllabi were static documents and that a dynamic syllabus would suit the needs of the instructors better. The School of Dentistry formed an assessment committee that collectively came up with a list of criteria that would make up their “ideal syllabus management system.” Some of the requirements on the list included:

  • Standardized syllabi
  • Reporting
  • Integration
  • Improved accreditation
  • Accessibility

Early Results

After piloting Concourse for just one semester, The School of Dentistry decided that Concourse met the needs of the school and was successful in allowing instructors to easily create, edit, and archive syllabi. The added benefits for students and administrators are accessibility, auditing, standardization for assessment, and reporting. The School of Dentistry at OHSU has agreed to enter a long-term relationship with Intellidemia and make Concourse their official syllabus solution.