What is Concourse?

The syllabus – by its very nature – fulfills a number of important roles, including:

  • Outlining deliverable schedules
  • Communicating course expectations
  • Demonstrating institutional policies and required statements
  • Capturing course outcomes used in the accreditation process
  • Providing a required and optional materials list
  • Setting the participation and grading policy
  • Supporting school and department curriculum

Much of the value of this information may never be realized when syllabi come in many different formats and versions. Even worse, the information is often times locked in paper and cannot be easily shared or analyzed…or managed.

Concourse is a solution that integrates with your current campus technology tools and extends your ability to manage course information from syllabus creation to sharing and analysis. Concourse uses the syllabus as the central organizational theme for course data which allows students, instructors, and administrators to find up-to-date information easier and faster than ever before.

Concourse works with your learning management and student information systems to add functionality where before it did not exist. With Concourse, your syllabi will become the effective tools of communication you always knew they could be, and finally assist students, faculty, and administrators with understanding not only course information, but also best practices for student success.