In a hurry to get your course information online and accessible? Concourse allows you to upload existing syllabi to your custom-themed syllabus solution. Simply put, it’s complete syllabus management in way less time, money, and technology. Generate comprehensive reports based on syllabus content in your department or even your entire institution. Whether you are creating an accreditation report, a grant application, or a presentation, you can obtain the information you need from within Concourse with the click of a button!

Higher Education Policy

With Concourse, institutions have the ability to meet federal and state mandates quickly and easily. Sharing textbook information, transferability, and other pertinent course information has never been easier! Rest easy knowing that your institutional and department policies are present and up-to-date on your syllabi. ADA statements, codes of conduct, transfer policies…all can be present on a syllabus template and included on all instructional syllabi.

Record Retention

Whether your institution is required to retain syllabus information for a year or a decade…Concourse keeps them all. Syllabi are automatically saved once created in Concourse, and our robust search and reporting features mean you can confidently say “this IS the syllabus we are looking for.”

If your syllabi are currently stuffed in a file cabinet a dark basement or saved in a shared drive that is bursting at the seams, consider using Concourse as your up-to-date and reliable syllabus repository. Uploading syllabus documents to Concourse is easy and efficient, and allows users to search for and find any syllabus quickly. Another benefit of using Concourse is that faculty will no longer have to email their syllabus to department offices for retention…which means no more accidentally sending course documents to the entire department or campus. That’s right. We know all about that.