Within Concourse, you can easily keep track of syllabi by generating reports for every syllabus within your department or throughout your entire institution. You can readily extract information such as learning outcomes or instructor contact information directly from each syllabus and aggregate them into a single report.

Audit Reporting

Concourse audit reports showcase the status of selected courses. The report shows the progress of syllabus review, displaying which courses are new (not yet edited), in progress (edited to some extent), submitted for review (edited syllabus ready to be reviewed), reviewed (syllabus content assess and approved), or modified since review (edits made after syllabus has been assessed).

Item Reporting

An item report compiles information from specific syllabus item content. The information can be from any component of a syllabus, such as Description, Outcomes, Books, or Schedule Entries. Item reports are useful for reviewing and comparing content on a number of syllbi and can be created by anyone who can view the selected item on the given syllabus. So, the next time the Dean’s office needs immediate syllabus information, you can create an item report showcasing this information. Better yet, you can ensure the appropriate individuals in each Dean’s office can view all syllabus items so that they can run a report for any and all syllabus item content whenever they need immediate information.

Course Analysis

The reporting features of Concourse allow for institutional researchers to search through syllabi and identify gaps or duplication in the curriculum. By providing structure to data, Concourse can easily provide reports to determine if courses are meeting program and institutional outcomes.


By using the search tools in Concourse, you can drill down and analyze any course desired and generate dynamic reports needed for accreditation and transfer processes.