Easily manage multiple tiers of information!

A common occurrence in higher education is that of the “disappearing email.” You know you sent out an announcement to all faculty regarding new institutional policy information required to be present on all future syllabi…but for some reason, most of the syllabi your students receive do not contain this new information. Not only that, but you’ve also managed to secure a syllabus that contains an address for a campus resource that doesn’t actually exist at your institution…

In Concourse, a course template refers to a syllabus that contains common language that should be present on all syllabi throughout the institution. Sometimes referred to as a master syllabus or course outline, the purpose of a course template is to increase consistency (particularly among multiple campuses and adjuncts), streamline accreditation reporting, and increase access to course information.

In Concourse, a syllabus template can contain universal content at the institution level, and course-specific content at the course level. Formatting is preserved throughout the system, and templates can be linked together to ensure that course templates will inherit content from the higher-level institutional templates. This way, you only have to change content in a single place!

One of the most difficult things related to syllabus management can be the maintenance and updating of information on every syllabus. Let’s face it…sometimes that email announcing the new process for grade appeals just never shows up in a faculty member’s inbox. Because Concourse templates are linked and carry permissions, you can instantly insert a any new policy into every syllabus, as well as make sure that only the appropriate individuals will be able to edit (or delete) that policy.