Save time and energy

Concourse is as easy to use as Microsoft Word (insert caveman joke here). Save time through updating your syllabus anytime, anywhere. With all of your course information contained and presented on a single syllabus, you can seamlessly manage multiple sections with one syllabus. For faculty teaching several sections of the same course, making changes on one syllabus rather than two or more documents means more time for office hours and student contact.

Learn to love the course approval process!

We were surprised to learn that faculty and administrators overwhelmingly dread the new course approval process. Is it really possible that collecting hard copies of new course proposals, course syllabi, accreditation or licensing requirements, or course revision information could be so…terribly frustrating and time-consuming?

Become friends with IT

No more programming or maintaining; Concourse is fully hosted, making it easy to organize, share, and analyze course information. Concourse is so user-friendly, most users can comfortably use the system in no time, without the hassle of training, submitting trouble tickets, or making frantic calls to your help desk.

Not only is it possible, the amount of time dedicated to coordinating meetings, coping documents, and sharing relevant information can result in faculty and administrators feeling overwhelmed and over-worked. When syllabi are available in a central location with an included auditing workflow process, you have one place to create, find, and catalog all syllabus information, significantly streamlining the course approval process.