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Concourse is an easy-to-use platform that improves student performance, faculty productivity, and administrative efficiency by getting syllabi online fast. Concourse makes it easy to organize, share, and analyze course information.

By getting syllabi online and making them more accessible, students can easily preview course objectives and requirements before they register; instructors can instantly update assignment details and push these changes out to multiple communication platforms; and administrators can streamline the assessment and accreditation process.

Whether you are looking to integrate an institutional solution like Concourse, deploy a simple online repository, upload and go with Concourse Lite, or start off by participating in our pilot program, you have the power to meet your needs and budget with one of our three Concourse editions.

Discover the syllabus tool that’s best for you

Feature Concourse Pilot Concourse Lite Concourse
OverviewRollover each feature's title to see its description. The best way to test the syllabus waters. Get all your syllabi online, in one place, in one day. The de facto choice in online syllabus management.
StructureBreak your syllabus down into categories that advance permissions, reporting, and templating.
FreeformQuickly populate Concourse with your existing Word docs and PDFs.
GeneralA syllabus that looks and feels just like a sheet of paper.
EditAn interface as easy and familiar as MS Word. Via file replacement.
PublicShare your syllabus (or parts thereof) with everyone.
MobileA syllabus solution made for the small screen. Instant access at no additional cost.
CalendarAll course events (e.g. office hours, assignments, etc.) can be synced to an online calendar.
KeywordUse a mix of keywords to search beyond the course title and description.
PowerRefine a search with specific terms like instructor and department.
ItemsContent Control - determine who can view and edit specific components of a syllabus.
CourseCourse Control - determine if a course is discoverable and who can access parts of it.
DomainGoverning Control - administrative access to courses within a particular campus, school, department, or mix.
SystemInstitutional Control - designate high-level administrators for system management.
ReportingMake it easy to analyze syllabus content, audit progress, and system performance.
Linked TemplatesLink multiple tiers of syllabus templates together such that changes cascade downwards.
SectionsManage multiple course sections from a single master syllabus with common and section-specific content.
Bulk UploadAdd user, course, and registration information en masse.
Learning ManagementLaunch syllabi within the learning environment using the basic-LTI standard.
Student InformationAutomate the creation of users and courses from your SIS.
AuthenticationAuthenticate users directly against your identity server or portal.
AuditMakes it easy to check off syllabi as you go.
FilesUpload course materials and link it directly to content featured on the syllabus.
Curriculum VitaeEnhance syllabi by pairing them with instructor credentials, experience, and publications.
NotificationsEmail students anytime the syllabus changes.
ThemeBeautify your installation with your schools colors, images, and logo.
DefaultsSet initial parameters like timezones and date formats.
URLLocate Concourse through your .edu subdomain.
HostingGuarantee performance and uptime with hassle-free server management.
UpgradesBenefit from new and improved functionality automatically.
BackupsEnsure data integrity.
SSLIncrease protection with a secured connection.
ConsultingGet the most out of Concourse with expert consultation.
TrainingEnsures that you and your users know how to cruise and use the platform.
DevelopmentExtend Concourse in ways that make it that much more valuable for you and your community.
PriceThe annual fee for access to a dedicated environment. $4,000 $1-3 per student $2-4 per student
Users and CoursesHow many people and syllabi that can be handled. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
ImplementationHow long it takes to go from 0 to 60 with your staff and students. Days Weeks Months
LengthHow long the Concourse edition can be obtained. Up to a year

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