Information is exploding on college campuses. One of the most valuable pieces of information you’ll share with students is your contract with them: The syllabus.

What makes syllabi so valuable is what makes them so hard to manage. Information changes constantly and comes from every corner of your school. Syllabi also need to reflect school policies, contain required statements, accreditation information, and government legal mandates, too.

Asking hundreds of faculty to compile and maintain this information, keep it consistent and do it on deadline is a near impossible task. Add adjuncts, multiple campuses, and different learning modalities, and you have a real problems on your hands.

Using Word templates copied down from a shared server is an inefficient process riddled with inconsistencies and errors.

The solution? Concourse.

Concourse is the online platform for centrally managing syllabi. Since Concourse is cloud-based, it’s available on any device, anywhere, anytime. And because it’s database-driven, syllabi are consistent. Any changes can be pushed out institution-wide.

And don’t worry. Faculty have freedom to author syllabi from their template.

In today’s world, user experience matters. So we’ve engineered Concourse to fully integrate with your LMS, SIS, and legacy systems for a seamless experience.

No more administrative busywork. Free up hundreds of people to be more productive. What used to take a team of people weeks now takes a few clicks.