Centralization. Your quantum leap forward.

What makes syllabi so valuable is what makes them so hard to manage. Information changes constantly and comes from every corner of your school. However, the current model of syllabus management is broken. Current methods of copying word templates from a shared server are labor intensive, inefficient, error-prone, and ineffective.

Asking hundreds of faculty to compile and maintain this information, keep it consistent, and do it on deadline is a near impossible task. Add in adjuncts, multiple campuses, and different learning modalities and you have a real problem on your hands.

The solution? A cloud-based platform that allows you to centralize the entire syllabus management process. From a single login you can control access, permissions, reporting, archival, and search. All while ensuring faculty have the freedom to author their syllabi any way they see fit.

With centralization, you’re not just making workflows better. You’re completely streamlining them. Your people are freed up from administrative busywork to do more productive things.

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