There’s too many moving parts to manage manually.

What makes syllabi so valuable is what makes them so hard to manage. Information comes from every corner of your school and changes constantly. Keeping this information consistent in all syllabi across a program, department, or entire institution can be an impossible task. Simply put, there’s too many moving parts that need to go into syllabi to keep track of manually.

More modalities? Less consistency.

Syllabi across your institution are presented to students in a variety of form factors. Printed paper. Microsoft Word. Pdf. HTML on the LMS. With so much variation in presentation, you’re guaranteeing syllabi are inconsistent before you begin.

Schools commonly offer a variety of learning modalities: Online. Onground. Hybrid. Executive Education. Continuing Education. Professional Studies. The list can go on. Each modality requires a syllabus that needs to present information consistently with the rest, but almost never do.

More moving parts.

  • Adjuncts hired at the last minute, often times new to your system, are still responsible for pulling together a consistent syllabus.
  • Multiple campus locations.
  • Dispersed/siloed academic units. (Do we need to say more?)

Syllabus consistency. The impossible is now possible.

The Concourse syllabus management platform is cloud-based and database driven. This means syllabi are 100% consistent from the start. Any changes or updates will push out to all linked syllabi in a department, program, or entire institution. This way, syllabi stay consistent over time with very little effort. All from a convenient single sign-on with just a few mouse clicks.

And don’t worry. Faculty have the autonomy to author syllabi from their template. You’ll have the best of both worlds: Consistency across the board and complete autonomy for individual faculty.

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