The syllabus. Your contract with students. Their roadmap to success.

Of all the documents your school shares with students, one of the most valuable is the syllabus. It’s your school’s academic contract with students, and your students’ weekly roadmap on how to succeed in class.

Yet if this mission-critical tool is unreliable, inconsistent, or hard to access, students won’t use it. Think about that – the main tool that guides classroom success is one your students won’t use!

With Concourse, you’ll guarantee that everything students need to be successful from their syllabus is consistently communicated and easily accessible to them.

Clients tell us Concourse has transformed student success for the better. With Concourse, students finally have a tool they can trust and use and are coming to class better prepared.

Empower your support services.

Imagine how much more effective tutors and support services could be if they had complete insight into a student’s assignments and course expectations. With cloud-based Concourse, all syllabi are easy to search and easy to access. They’ll be at the fingertips of tutors and support services alike.

Empower your registration process.

What if students had complete insight into a course before they ever enrolled? If so, students could align their learning style with an instructor’s teaching style and choose the class that best suits them during the registration process.

And when class starts, students will come to class better prepared because they’ve had the syllabi since before they enrolled.

With Concourse’s Permissions Feature, you can integrate syllabus information with course registration. This benefits students by allowing them to choose classes that are a better fit, and they’ll come to class better prepared.

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