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Bexar County, TX

Undergrad: 62,377

Very large 2-year public

Full-time: 675 | Part-time: 988


  • Texas House Bill 2504 (HB 2504) mandated public access to syllabus and CV information
  • A large network of five colleges in need of syllabus standardization and ease of maintenance
  • Expensive in-house syllabus system did not provide all desired functionality and integration
  • Concourse houses 35,000 searchable and accessible syllabi
  • Full compliance with HB 2504, along with substantial cost savings, was quickly realized

With a short runway imposed by Texas House Bill 2504 (HB 2504), the Alamo Colleges decided to build a syllabus system. After implementation and one full academic year of use, the Alamo Colleges evaluated the long term efficacy of their system and determined that they wanted something more powerful, fully integrated, and more user-friendly. It was determined that seeking a commercial solution would be a part of the strategic planning; with that, the Alamo Colleges turned to Intellidemia, the leader in online syllabus solutions.

Prior to using Concourse, the Alamo Colleges were using an in-house solution for the collection and review of course syllabi. While the system provided the minimum requirements to meet HB 2504, there was a need for a more powerful tool to better meet the needs of the educational community. The current system also was proving to be financially unsustainable, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to build and maintain.

A user-friendly system that could be integrated with campus learning management and student information systems, while still allowing administration to have control over syllabus elements. Another necessary feature was the ability for faculty to continue to enter and maintain their curriculum vitae electronically.

To meet the need for consistency and structure regarding course syllabus information, administrators created thousands of linked course templates. They also integrated the campus portal and student information system with Concourse and used feeds to migrate and synchronize syllabus item content and permissions.

Concourse is fully implemented on all campuses, the system is fully-integrated with Banner, and they are working on LMS integration. Users are also employing the Audit function to review and maintain syllabi, some 35,000 of which are currently in their system. Students are using the system regularly, and the Alamo Colleges is in full compliance with HB 2504. They are also reaping the financial benefits of using Concourse, since the cost to implement and maintain their Concourse system is a fraction of what they were spending on their previous tool.

About the Alamo Community College District
The Alamo Community College District serves the Bexar County community through their programs and services that help students succeed in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed in today’s world. Students are taught by highly-qualified faculty with masters and doctorate degrees dedicated to creating a learning-centered environment. Student services include counseling, computer labs, tutoring, financial services, services for the disabled, developmental instruction, veterans’ services, and job placement. The five colleges — San Antonio (est. 1925), St. Philip’s (est. 1898), Palo Alto (est. 1985), Northeast Lakeview (est. 2007), and Northwest Vista (est. 1995) — offer associate degrees, certificates and licensing in occupational programs that prepare students for jobs, as well as arts and science courses that transfer to four-year colleges and universities and lead to AA and AS degrees. To learn more about the Alamo Colleges, visit