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“This syllabus management system has dramatically increased our productivity as well as our ability to manage syllabus workflow within our university. Our business-type model takes advantage of templatizing syllabi, and we are able to track and maintain changes made to our syllabi over time.” – Mike Wilday, Instructional Technology Lead


  • Online university needed to meet the technological demands of diverse student population
  • Syllabus management in Google docs meant limited accessibility and no formatting consistency
  • Concourse provides consistent syllabus formatting and administrative content control
  • Administrators and faculty manage Concourse syllabi online
  • University logo and other information means syllabi can be used as an effective marketing tool

Los Angeles Pacific University, a part of the Azusa Pacific University System, needed to meet the technological demands of its global online student body. They needed a syllabus system that would help them grow and provide instructional content for every student, consistency for all syllabi, and would allow the public to search for syllabus information without having to log in to a student-only system.

Prior to using Concourse, LAPU administrators were creating and managing their syllabi in Google Docs. Faculty would provide a link to the syllabus to students or copy the syllabus content into another document and upload that document to the course site.

Since LAPU provides online instruction, it made sense for the technology to create and share syllabus information to be accessible online as well. They wanted a system that would allow them to get the word out about the University and the new and innovative programs available. They wanted all students, regardless of their academic program, to have the same experience regarding searching for and accessing their course syllabi. Consistency in presentation would be key as well, since the syllabi would be used for marketing and instructional purposes.

As LAPU was concerned with consistency, they created course templates right away. Their instructors can access classroom-ready syllabi that outline all course requirements, and since Concourse is a web-based solution, anyone can access syllabi, from anywhere, anytime.

Soon after their implementation and deployment, LAPU’s Concourse system was accessed by students and instructors in nearly 50 countries. Classroom syllabi are more accessible to everyone, and managing syllabus information has never been more straightforward. The use of course templates has not only provided a more streamlined way to create syllabi; the consistent look and feel resulting from the use of templates has proven helpful as a marketing tool for LAPU. Each syllabus is branded with the LAPU logo and color scheme, and contains institutional information.

About Los Angeles Pacific University
Los Angeles Pacific University is a member of the Azusa Pacific University System. Sharing the mission and values of Azusa Pacific, LAPU was created in response to the growing demographic of diverse students who aspire to further their education but are unable to attend a traditional physical campus institution. LAPU offers online certificates, Associate, and Bachelor degrees in the areas of health, business, and liberal arts.

For more information about Los Angeles Pacific University, visit their website at www.lapu.edu.