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Undergrad: 11,196

Large 2-year public

Full-time: 122 | Part-time: 940

“Concourse Lite provides us with a central online syllabus repository with the capability to bring our 10 step, 80+ hour catalog and audit process down to five steps that take no more than a few hours of time.” – Dawn Dzienis, Online Learning Assistant


  • Syllabus review meant accessing every instructor course site for manual retrieval
  • Lack of established procedures for syllabi meant little control over review and archival
  • An online, centralized system with tools for syllabus search, retrieval, and reporting was immediately necessary
  • Since implementing Concourse Lite, the search for and review of hard copy documents is a thing of the past
  • Integration with Blackboard means faculty can manage a more accessible syllabus for online students

The Director of Online Learning and Instructional Technology, along with the online learning team, determined they needed to streamline their syllabus collection, audit, and accreditation process. The question at the round table soon became, “how do we reduce our 10 step, 80+ hour syllabus process down to something that is more cost effective and time efficient?” And with that question so began the search for a syllabus management solution.

Prior to using Concourse Lite, the online learning staff had to pull every syllabus in their learning management system to review before classes start each semester. Due to the ineffective methods of syllabus collection, review, and storage, department staff really had no way of knowing who had turned something in, or where other instructional documents may be stored across campus.

Northampton required an online, centralized syllabus repository for syllabi that would include administrative tools for searching and reviewing syllabi quickly and efficiently. Every online course needed a syllabus that could be searchable and accessible to anyone. Department offices should also be able to track and review syllabi without having to access files of documents in metal drawers. The system had to be integrable with their learning management system, so that faculty could access the system without clicking through several pages in Blackboard.

The online learning team decided to implement Concourse Lite. By allowing faculty members to upload their syllabi to a single location, where they can be accessed by students and administrators, Concourse Lite alleviates the burden of managing syllabi without sacrificing quality. They worked with adjunct and full-time faculty members in the two largest programs, Early Childhood Education and English, to begin an initial implementation of the system.

Concourse Lite has become the central platform to collect, store, access, audit, and analyze syllabi for online programs at Northampton. The Online Learning Department plans to increase collaboration between online and face-to-face classrooms by introducing faculty to Concourse Lite. The online faculty quickly discovered the advantages of Concourse Lite. Over 5,000 syllabi are currently housed within the Northampton Concourse Lite system!

Furthermore within the first month of use, Concourse took in 2,455 instructor syllabi. This represents 95.6% of all offered sections and an 8.7% increase over fall 2011. Today, Blinn college works from over 2,500 course-specific master templates, managing content more easily now than ever before.

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