Upload your course materials and link them to the part of the syllabus where it makes contextual sense. Share project guidelines, assignments, sample exams, PowerPoint lectures, readings, links to blogs, videos, and any other type of content you use to support your course.

Curriculum Vitae

Share your syllabus or CV information with anyone inside or outside of your institution. Curriculum vitae (CV) information is an extension of the faculty profile in Concourse. The Concourse CV capability is an essential compliance tool for institutions charged with meeting requirements for higher education mandates such as Texas House Bill 2504.


With Concourse, you have the option of importing content from one syllabus to another. Faculty can collaborate and share syllabus content easily and guarantee course-specific information is consistent with all of their syllabi. Create content like course policies and contact information on one syllabus, and import the content into all other instructional syllabi instead of copying and pasting or re-typing. This feature saves time and facilitates best practices.


When updates, changes, or edits are made to syllabi, students need to know as soon as possible. With Concourse, anytime a syllabus item is edited, faculty have the option to immediately notify all students registered to that course. Students receive an email notification with a personal message from the instructor and a link back to the syllabus to view changes.

Syllabus review and audit have notifications, too. When a faculty member creates their syllabus, they have the option of submitting the syllabus for review to the person assigned to audit it. A notification is sent to the appropriate reviewer, with information regarding the status of the syllabus. All audit activity is captured and embedded into each syllabus, including comments made by editors and auditors.

Public Views

Share your syllabus information with anyone, anywhere, anytime. You can link to a syllabus by simply copying and pasting its URL. With our permissions feature, you can hide or show any or all components of your syllabus to the public.