Within a few mouse clicks, produce custom comprehensive reports for every syllabus in a program or throughout your entire institution. You’ll also have a direct line of sight into the actual workflow going on inside the system. All data is seen in real-time. Then, download your custom reports into Excel with a single mouseclick.

Audit Reporting

The Audit Report is a report on workflow in the Concourse system. Imagine you have a class start in the next 2 weeks and you want to see the production status of all syllabi you’re responsible for. Currently, you have no line-of-sight into that process across a program, department, or entire institution. With Concourse, in 3 clicks, you will. And you can drill down into individual syllabi for a more granular view.

Item Reporting

The Item Report is a report on specific syllabus content. The information can be pulled from any component of a syllabus, such as Description, Outcomes, Textbooks, or Schedules. And you can choose to pull from a specific Course, Program, Department or across your entire Institution. Without Concourse, this report would take a team of people weeks and they probably couldn’t produce a complete, accurate report.

With Concourse, a single person can create this report in 4 mouse clicks. You’ll amaze your accreditors and free people up to do more productive things.

Usage Report

Based on Google Analytics, the Usage Report is our newest report. It will give you powerful insight in how the Concourse platform is utilized at your school.

Course Analysis

The reporting features of Concourse allow for institutional researchers to search through syllabi and identify gaps or duplication in the curriculum. By providing structure to data, Concourse can easily provide reports to determine if courses are meeting program and institutional outcomes.


By using the search tools in Concourse, you can drill down and analyze any course desired and generate dynamic reports needed for accreditation and transfer processes.