Manage syllabus templates with ease

The syllabus has become a complex document that’s difficult to manage and keep consistent. Beyond teaching information, a syllabus needs to contain information that comes from every corner of your school and changes constantly such as:

  • Information required by law
  • Required statements and policies of the institution
  • Policies and statements specific to a department or program
  • Accreditation information
  • Information that may reside in other systems elsewhere on campus, such as outcomes, objectives, course descriptions, etc.
  • Any other helpful information that supports learning and student success (computer lab info and hours, tutoring/counseling help, library resources, clinical information, etc.)

Asking hundreds of faculty to compile, maintain, and produce that information on deadline in a consistent manner that’s free of errors and omissions is a near-impossible task.

Concourse allows you to manage all that complexity in a simple to use, intuitive, and integrated platform.

Because Concourse is a database-driven platform, we centralize the management of key information that needs to appear on all syllabi across a school, program, or department, such as a disabilities statement. The benefit is twofold: First, information is instantly consistent across all syllabi. Second, faculty workload drops by 50% or more because they are no longer responsible for this information.

At the same time Concourse lowers faculty workload, faculty have the autonomy to author, edit, and update the part of the syllabi they teach from any way they please. And if faculty can sign on to an LMS and use the editing tools found in Microsoft Word, they can use Concourse. It’s truly a win-win.