Your time is valuable

Most schools use a highly inefficient, manual process to manage syllabi. Furthermore, that process results in errors, omissions, and inconsistencies that require corrections, creating more even more work for everyone in the system.

Concourse completely streamlines and simplifies that workflow and ensures there are no errors, omissions, or inconsistencies that need correcting. In other words, you’re freed up to do more productive things and will have no worries about your syllabi. That means more time for student contact, office hours, and class prep.


If your school uses Microsoft Word templates to manage syllabi, you already know the process of collaboration is incredibly inefficient. The workflow isn’t centralized and isn’t easily accounted for.

With Concourse, collaboration couldn’t be easier. All work is streamlined and simplified and in one central location. And all syllabi have collaboration activity embedded into them, as well. Deans, Chairs, and Faculty collaborate to improve syllabi and track changes to ensure compliance and consistency.

Gain insight

If you’re a department chairman or dean you currently don’t have a tool that provides a real-time, comprehensive view into the workflow of syllabi. With Concourse, in a few clicks, you’ll have that line of sight.

This is particularly helpful as the start of classes draws near. Often times adjuncts hired at the last minute need help completing syllabi, and our workflow and reporting tools help ensure a successful class start for everyone.

Lower the burden on IT

No more programming or maintaining a code base. If faculty can sign on to an LMS and use the editing tools found in Microsoft Word, they can use Concourse. Our platform is cloud based and fully hosted, making it easy to organize, manage, share, and analyze course information.

Concourse is so intuitive user-friendly, most users can comfortably use the system in no time without the hassle of training, submitting trouble tickets, or making frantic calls to your help desk.