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At Intellidemia, we are passionate about helping our clients succeed and meet all of their syllabus management goals. We will work with you to create an appropriate implementation strategy that includes task management, workflow analysis, template design assistance, training, administration, and detailed documentation for every phase of your implementation, from planning on through to maintenance.

In order to get the ball rolling for your Concourse implementation, we will assist you with drafting a proposed implementation timeline, learning how to use your Concourse testing sandbox effectively, and guiding you to valuable resources in the Concourse Support Center.

Our streamlined implementation process includes six phases, highlighted below:

During this initial phase, you will determine who will be responsible for specific elements of the implementation, as well as the sequencing and timing of activities.
Once all planning tasks are completed, you will begin to determine the overall architecture for data organization, source, flow, and access.
Upon completion of your system architecture, you will establish the distribution of high-level roles and responsibilities throughout the system.
You will work to determine various Concourse access points, as well as how Concourse will consume and produce data to and from other systems.
During the deployment phase of your Concourse implementation, you will work to resolve any remaining elements needed for go-live, as well as bring together decisions made in previous phases.
Once your Concourse system is deployed and your users are successfully accessing their syllabi, it is important to determine the ongoing post-deployment activities relevant to maintaining your system for many years to come.

Do you plan to create syllabus templates, or begin by uploading your current syllabi into Concourse? We give you the necessary tools to determine the overall architecture for data organization, source, flow, and access. If you are using a current syllabus management tool, we can assist you with proper migration of the syllabus data as well. In addition, we can provide tools and assistance to aid you in determining how high-level roles and responsibilities will be distributed throughout the system.

Since Concourse integrates easily with learning management systems, student information systems, and most other existing campus technology tools, it is important to understand the ways in which your users will access Concourse, and how data will be consumed and produced to and from these other systems. We can assist you with deciding access points as well as data migration and synchronization.

We would love to talk to you to see how we can provide a Concourse implementation strategy for your institution! In case you haven’t figured it out by now…we’re geeks when it comes to this stuff.