Texas House Bill (HB) 2504 has given Texas taxpayers the power to access higher education syllabi, curriculum vitae (CV), faculty evaluation information, cost of attendance, and departmental budget reporting for Texas institutions of higher education. A consequence though of this legislation is that colleges and universities are having to rethink the way they manage this process and present required information to the public. Developing in-house solutions is not usually the most cost-effective solution. Fortunately, there is a cost-efficient and powerful way to meet the requirements of HB 2504.

Concourse is an online platform to centrally manage course syllabi and faculty information. It ensures HB 2504 compliance by automatically creating a public-facing version of the syllabus that can be reached in three clicks or less, with a CV component within each user profile. We offer the ideal option that strikes the correct balance between time, money, resources, transparency, and privacy.

Concourse not only simplifies compliance with HB 2504, it does so at a fraction of what schools are spending for an in-house solution. Many institutions have reported spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to build internal solutions only to realize it did not meet their needs, or created a new set of problems. In a time when schools are being asked to stretch their dollars and do more with less, finding and implementing a cost-effective, true course information management solution is paramount.

We have a decade of success helping schools around the world achieve their goals of an efficient, streamlined syllabus management process. We’re experts in the needs of higher education institutions when it comes to syllabi, including government and accreditation mandates. We will help you achieve your course and faculty information management goals with ease.

To learn more about Concourse, the applications addressing HB 2504 and beyond, contact us. We want to help you save time, money, resources devoted to syllabus and CV tracking, collection, maintenance, and access!