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Concourse Syllabus provides a proven and trusted path to syllabus management. Our platform is designed to adapt to the needs of any institution. And the members of our team come from diverse backgrounds in higher education - institutions of different sizes, spread throughout the country, offering various programs and always preparing students for every variety of career. 


When adopting a new solution, institutions value dependability, authenticity, and functionality. Users want a platform that is tested, proven, and supported. Concourse checks off all of these boxes and more. Our syllabus management system offers you a reliable platform allowing you to focus on other, at times more critical, responsibilities. 

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It’s easy to read about and research how a syllabus management system works and helps. But we believe that seeing it in action is the best way to experience it for yourself. Through our demo systems, client stories, events, and more, you can get a front row seat  to how Concourse works and how it can help your institution. 


Since 2007, we have focused on one thing: helping our clients improve syllabus management.  We know what it takes to make the syllabus management process smooth and seamless, and we are ready to help you put this powerful tool to work for your institution.

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