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The Concourse Approach

From product to implementation, we want to make sure the Concourse experience is designed for education and tailored to the unique needs of your institution. With each step, our team focuses on long-term impact through process improvement and thoughtful configuration.

The EQUIP Model

The EQUIP model is a set of principles that have guided our development both as a product and as a company. We apply them to everything we do, and it shows in the way our platform is designed and the results our clients achieve.

EQUIP Logo - A diamond that says Efficiency, Quality, Utility, Innovation, and Partnership


Effortless creation and administration

  • Familiar and easy to use interface
  • Tiered templates and content propagation
  • Compliance and activity reports


An elevated syllabus experience

  • Structured content and formatting
  • Granular permissions
  • Inviting presentation


Syllabi any time, anywhere, for anyone

  • LMS integration and public options
  • Mobile-first design
  • WCAG/Section 508 accessibility


The pioneers in online syllabus management

  • Robust data model
  • Security at the forefront
  • Unparalleled performance and reliability


Your teammates

Partnership is at the center of everything we do at Concourse. We strive not to be "just another vendor." Instead, we are part of your team, guiding, advising, and assisting at every step to ensure the final product of your implementation is perfectly aligned with your design and preferences. We want you to feel empowered to take control of your syllabus management at your institution. 

Engineering That You Can Trust

What do you get when you cross two engineering turned MBA students? The world's first and most technologically advanced syllabus management system. This is precisely what happened in 2007, and rock solid engineering has been a part of our DNA ever since.

Our founders have long known the value of a well organized and logical data model. We understand the trade-offs inherent to consistency versus personalization, configuration versus sustainability, centralization versus localization. We feel Concourse provides the optimal balance of these for schools that share our passion for exceptionally efficient, high quality, and decidedly accessible syllabi.

Ready to see what syllabus management done right looks like?