The Concourse Approach

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At Concourse, we've established expertise and history within the field of syllabus management. We understand exactly what you need during implementation and maintenance of our platform. With each step, our team focuses on the long-term impact for your institution through process improvement and a system configured to fit your needs.

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Core Values

Our core values don't only impact Team Concourse - they impact your entire experience with our solution and company. These values are exemplified throughout your partnership with Concourse, providing both you and our team the resources and support needed to succeed.


At Concourse, we are dedicated to helping our clients to feel confident in their syllabus management skills and in navigating our platform. The functionality and resources we provide are designed to create self-reliant Concourse users.


After identifying a need for better syllabus management within higher education, our team served as the pioneers and trailblazers, paving the way in creating a syllabus tool that would transform the field. We strive to continually evolve and adapt to the needs of higher education and new technologies.


Quality is a driving force behind everything we do at Concourse. From the expertise of our staff to the way we develop new features, our clients are assured that we produce will be thoughtful, precise, and delivered with the highest quality. 


Team Concourse is comprised of higher education professionals. We know our users because we have been our users, and we bring this expertise to every aspect of Concourse. From product design and development to implementation and training, our end-users' experience is what matters most.

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