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Syllabus management matters

Concourse serves as a solution to a multitude of issues that institutions face daily. From ensuring consistency for accreditation reviews to improving student retention, our platform offers answers to everyday problems. 

Impacts in every classroom - and beyond.

Laptop previewing institutional policies on a syllabus


Title IX information. Support services. Academic integrity statements. Whether mandated internally or externally, with Concourse, you can be confident that the information that's required on your syllabus will be present, accurate, and current. And our reports and audit features help you make sure everyone is doing their part to make syllabi thorough and complete, term after term.


Retention and Success

It's the ultimate goal of everything that happens throughout your institution. Students who understand requirements and expectations have a better chance of success. Successful students stick around - and graduate. A Concourse syllabus lets you put the information they need at their fingertips, from your integrity policy to due dates to support options. We help keep your students on course for graduation.

Map of the USA with states highlighted according to accreditors


Every accreditor relies on syllabi to see that you're communicating certain information. From consistent learning outcomes to clear communication of institutional policies, Concourse helps you give your accrediting bodies what they're looking for, and mobile-first design and LMS integration show them you're putting it in the hands of all students, creating a more equitable experience. 

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Transfer and Articulation

We love to watch our students go on to bigger and better things, and building partnerships is part of making that happen. Make sure your students get credit for their hard work as they take their next steps, and show your partners that your courses meet the same rigorous standards they hold their students to. With Concourse, you can even give them access and let them discover it for themselves.

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