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Not just another vendor.

We know that building the best syllabus platform is just step one. We want to be your partners for your syllabus management journey. We'll be there with the guidance, support, and assistance you need to ensure your Concourse implementation meets your institution's unique needs. When launch time comes, you'll have the confidence you need to lead a syllabus revolution.

Our Approach to Implementation

Even when you know you’ve got the right product, the thought of implementation can seem stressful. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Our team of client service professionals has developed a three-phase process that incorporates every step of the implementation, backed by guidance that makes the tough decisions easy. And we put it all in a central hub, customized for your institution based on your feedback, that you can access any time during your implementation and beyond. From setup to integration to content migration, we know how to get you to launch on time and on target. That’s something that our clients tell us many vendors promise, but few others deliver. 

Our implementation process and Client Services team are:

Collaborative | Strategic | Successful | Timely | Intentional

The Plan

Our implementation process has been carefully designed and refined based on over a decade of experience and feedback.

Streamlined and efficient, it incorporates every step needed to ensure your implementation is a perfect fit.


1. Assemble

Every implementation needs a firm foundation. To start things off right, we work with you to identify:
  • The team with the knowledge and expertise you need.
  • The data sources with the most current and accurate information.
  • The syllabus structure that matches your school's requirements.

2. Integrate

Concourse integrates with the systems you're already using  to make syllabus management more efficient, like:
  • Your LMS to give students and faculty easy access to their syllabi.
  • Your SIS to streamline syllabus creation and incorporate course data.
  • Your SSO system to provide easy access with familiar credentials.

3. Deploy

Time to put the power of Concourse in everyone's hands! We'll help you prepare each group and roll the system out to:
  • Admins to provide core information across groups of syllabi.
  • Faculty to add the pieces that make their classes unique.
  • And finally, Students who depend on syllabi to guide them to success.

The Timeline

We've mapped out the steps it takes to successfully launch a Concourse system, but we put the timeline to complete those steps in your hands. Need a solution yesterday? Have a team lined up and ready to jump in? We can get you to launch in as little as 8 weeks. Need a little more time, or want to let faculty ease in to a new system? We can help you develop a phased launch plan or pilot to a department or group of faculty champions. We'll work with you to weave your way through competing projects and deadlines. Our syllabus pros are ready when you are - so let's get started!

Your Teammates

Kaela Sáenz Oriti headshot

Kaela Sáenz Oriti

Director of Client Services

Rosalie Banner headshot

Rosalie Banner

Implementation Manager

Faith Jelley headshot

Faith Jelley

Implementation Specialist

Jennifer Page headshot

Jennifer Page

Instructional Designer

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