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We're your teammates.

At Concourse, you'll find that you have support at every step of your implementation and while maintaining your program. With a number of resources available, you'll have full access to support from our team of experts as you navigate questions within Concourse. 

Resources to help you master Concourse

Support Center

Our Support Center is your 24/7 portal to all things Concourse. With a compilation of articles covering a variety of topics, you can access help and resources during and after your implementation. To ensure quality support, all resources follow best practices for instructional design.

Course Catalog

No more searching for classes, because you can find all of the yearly training information in one location - the Course Catalog. This provides you all of the course information, the audiences, descriptions, delivery modes, a yearly schedule, and more.  

Weekly Webinars

Each week, we offer live webinars to train you and your institution's team on the essentials of the Concourse platform. Ranging from basic introductory webinars to more advanced training, find support from our live courses and connect with our trainers!

On Demands

We understand that your schedule is busy, so we offer On Demand training courses. This gives you the opportunity to learn the platform on your own time. These asynchronous webinars offer the same level of support as our live webinars without schedule constraints.

Personal Support

While we have many resources available on a variety of platforms, sometimes having a one-on-one or a team discussion is a helpful step. You'll be able to schedule time to virtually meet or call our Client Services team for a more personal approach to support. 

User Meetings

Throughout the year, we get together for live user meetings to give you updates and important information regarding Concourse. This is a great way to stay informed and further connect with the Concourse team, as well receive announcements about the platform.

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