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In 2007, two engineering students identified challenges with syllabus management at their school and decided to work towards a solution. From that, Concourse was born - the first online syllabus management solution.

We have since grown to become a widely-adopted enterprise syllabus tool throughout institutions around the world. Throughout the years, we have grown not only as a team, but in our processes and features. Today, Concourse is an intuitive platform that seamlessly integrates into every learning environment and handles millions of syllabi every week. Concourse is the proven solution to the most common problems of syllabus management. We've seen them all and now help our clients identify and overcome them at their institution. 

Judd Rattner, CEO of Intellidemia, speaking at a podium for an Educause event
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Who We Are

When you choose a new software or platform for your institution, it's important to trust the company that you are partnering with. At Concourse, our team understands what you need during the implementation and maintenance process because we've experienced it firsthand. Concourse originated within a scholastic environment and is comprised of employees that walked in your shoes as administrators and faculty. Put our expertise to work. We'll help you build a lasting strategy to transform syllabus management for the better. 

Diversity Statement

Intellidemia prides itself on creating an inclusive and equitable working environment. We strive to build a strong community of exceptional employees with a wide variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and schools of thought, allowing for our organizational ideology to be grounded in diversity. Each unique member of our team aids in the enrichment of our company culture and ensures we are generating the best experience we can deliver to all of our clients across the board.

At Intellidemia, we do not discriminate against people of any race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, or veteran status.

Our Leadership Team

Judd Rattner headshot

Judd Rattner

CEO and Co-founder

Edward Levie headshot

Edward Levie

CTO and Co-founder

Brian Hopewell headshot

Brian Hopewell

VP of Sales and Business Development

Judd Rattner headshot

Jamie Stone

Vice President of Product and Research

Edward Levie headshot

Will Folden

Director of Marketing and Communications

Brian Hopewell headshot

Kaela Sáenz Oriti

Director of Client Services

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We are a tight-knit group of experts and professionals in various fields working hard together every day to create the best product and experience possible for our clients in higher education. If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, please reach out.

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