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Screenshot of reporting capabilities within Concourse

What does Concourse have to offer?

Even more than you realize.  Each feature of the Concourse platform is thoughtfully designed for a syllabus management experience that will positively impact your institution today and into the future.

Features Made for You

Tiered Templates

Most institutions have a syllabus template, but Concourse allows you to create multiple layers of templates. With an institutional template for shared information across all syllabi, intermediate templates for shared but not universal information, and course templates for course-specific information, updating vital information is easy and efficient.

Granular Permissions

Concourse provides permissions settings for groups as well as individuals, at system, school, department, and individual syllabus level. This powerful set of controls lets you decide what different users in your system can edit, what reports they can access, and even how much of a syllabus they can view - which is especially useful for public-facing syllabi. 

Robust Reporting

More than ever, institutions need data to make decisions and spur action.

From high-level information like access and utilization to detailed analysis of syllabus sections, our suite of reports puts the information you need at your fingertips and lets you filter it so it's only what you need to keep a finger on the pulse of your system and ensure the long-term health of your syllabi.

Centralized Repository

Digging up syllabi from last semester, last year, or five years ago can be difficult, even if you've made the leap from filing cabinets to shared drives. With Concourse, syllabi can easily be retrieved for transferring students and accrediting bodies - and displayed for potential students who are looking for the perfect class to sign up for. 

Headache-free Integration

The best solutions work seamlessly with your existing systems. Concourse fits right into your existing technology ecosystem. Feed in data from your student information system, catalogue, and other sources. Provide easy access to your users through single sign-on and any LMS. And Concourse uses the latest LTI 1.3 standard to provide greater control and more security.

Syllabus example

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