Syllabus Management

Done Right

Syllabus Management Done Right

Why Concourse?

Everyone in higher education knows syllabi are important. But managing them is often a complicated and frustrating process - and it shows in the results. Concourse takes that process and streamlines it, providing a single cloud-based solution for creating, revising, auditing, and discovering syllabi. The outcome is syllabi that are clear, accessible, and beautifully organized. Your students will have the information they need to be successful in their courses - where and when they need it - with a lighter workload for everyone at your institution.

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Laser Focused

Our goal has always been to do one thing and do it well. Syllabus management is not just at the core of our company’s mission; it’s all we do. From process and structure to content and presentation, we have poured all of our energy into creating a solution that addresses the most pressing needs in syllabus management today.

Higher Education Pros

We've built our team by bringing together people who understand higher education. We are educators and administrators, instructional designers and distance learning experts - and previous Concourse admins and users. We use that experience daily in the development and implementation of our product. We know firsthand what a positive impact Concourse can have. 

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A Proven Solution

We've been helping institutions of all sizes cure their syllabus woes for sixteen years. Our clients' successes are our favorite stories. Browse our case studies to hear more about how colleges and universities are using Concourse to address their most pressing problems

We're the pioneers in online syllabus management

Concourse syllabi are viewed three million times per year

There are 1,500,000+ syllabi (and counting)

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