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Concourse™. The Syllabus Experts™. Intellidemia celebrates its twelfth year with its core product, Concourse. In 2007, Concourse revolutionized the edtech market by inventing the category of syllabus management. We have since grown to become the most widely-adopted enterprise syllabus tool in the world for 13 years running. Concourse is a proven, intuitive platform that seamlessly integrates into every learning environment and currently handles millions of syllabi every week.

Founded by two Computer Engineering-turned-MBA students, Concourse solved a variety of syllabus management problems the school they were getting their MBA at was dealing with. Today, Concourse is the #1 syllabus management solution at every type of college throughout the United States and abroad.

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Created in a school environment

Concourse was developed at a College, not a startup's basement lacking proper context.

Our Director of Client Success was a Concourse client herself

You'll work with a former Academic Affairs Manager who's walked a mile in your shoes.

We know higher ed.

Concourse was created at a college to specifically solve that school's syllabus problems. Our Director of Client Success was in charge of the system-wide implementation of Concourse at a college of 20,000+.

Put our expertise to work. We'll help you build a lasting strategy to transform syllabus management for the better. We'll ensure your school gets the most from our technology while keeping costs sensible.

Company history

  • New York City - Administrative Offices
  • Chicago - Sales Office
  • Silicon Valley - Headquarters

  • 2006

    Genesis of Concourse

    Two computer engineering students getting their MBA help their school solve its syllabus management problems by creating the world's first enterprise syllabus tool, Concourse. Development of the cloud-based tool is done in the context and demands of an actual college environment. In doing so, they help transform the edtech industry by inventing the category of syllabus management.

  • 2007


    Platform Commercialization

    Seeing the ability to help schools transform the manual, chaotic, problematic process of managing syllabi, Concourse is sold to schools nationwide and quickly adopted.

  • 2009

    Industry first in Texas

    Concourse is the first solution adopted in Texas that allows complete compliance with the newly passed Texas House Bill 2504 (syllabus and CV management)

  • 2009


    Industry first WCAG 2.0 conformance

    Concourse becomes the first and only enterprise syllabus tool to achieve WCAG 2.0 conformance, helping schools achieve Section 508(b) compliance with syllabi and help enable Students With Disabilities support.

  • 2009

    Industry first mobile-centric syllabi

    Already a mobile-ready syllabus platform, Concourse anticipates the trend towards smartphones, tablets, and handheld devices. Concourse doubles down on making the platform even more responsive than previously designed. Mobile use among students accessing Concourse skyrockets.

  • 2010

    Largest Clients adopt Concourse

    Since its founding, Concourse was adopted at a number of schools with enrollments over 50,000. In 2010, Concourse was adopted at its first of a number of schools with over 100,000 students.

  • 2011

    International Expansion

    The first of over two dozen overseas universities on 5 continents adopts Concourse.

  • 2012


    Industry first platform-syllabus integration

    Immediately after the launch of the LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) 1.1 standard in August 2012, Concourse allows the seamless integration with any LMS as well as synchronization of SIS, Catalog, and Curriculum information into Concourse syllabi.

  • 2013

    Move to Silicon Valley

    Intellidemia corporate offices move to Silicon Valley, after several years of being located in New York. Administrative functions kept in NYC.

  • 2014


    Accessed in over 200+ countries

    For the first time, Concourse was accessed in over 200 countries by students and faculty alike.

  • 2016

    Increased focus on Students With Disabilities

    Concourse doubles down on making the platform more accommodating to students with disabilities with enhanced features and functionality.

  • 2018


    Industry first GDPR compliance

    Concourse achieves GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation ) compliance before the European Union deadline.