Concourse Platform

The most robust and capable syllabus platform on the market. Period.


Need to make a change or update that impacts all syllabi in a program, department, or entire institution? Our database-driven platform allows you to achieve consistency with a single click.


Still using MS Word or PDFs? Struggle to make changes or updates that impacts all syllabi in a program, department, or entire institution? Is your workflow out of control? Manage individual instructor templates or boilerplate components of syllabi with a few clicks.


You have accreditation requirements, government mandates, and internal policies that syllabi need to comply with. Concourse’s powerful audit, workflow, and reporting capabilities give you control and insight you never thought possible.


Time is valuable. Concourse takes a manual, inefficient, and chaotic workflow and simplifies it. People are freed up to do more productive things. Collaboration and review of syllabi are also streamlined with Concourse. Central accessibility and permissions make it easier than ever to share and manage your syllabus.

Archived Syllabi

Do you cringe at the idea of having to locate old syllabi scattered across your school in thumb drives, emails, and shared servers? With Concourse, all previous syllabi are 3 mouse clicks away. All syllabi are automatically archived, too. We can also ingest your current syllabi archives to make Concourse the central syllabus repository for your entire institution.

Integrated CV Management

Concourse is the industry pioneer in Curriculum Vitae and syllabus management integrated into a single solution. You can synchronize data from external systems like your SIS or other data platforms. Will help guarantee compliance with Texas HB 2504, too.

Branding and Themes

A syllabus solution wouldn't be right if you couldn't call it your own. Choose what logo and color themes you want for your syllabi to reflect your school's unique brand and feel. Different departments and programs within your institution can have their own look and feel, too.

One Time Authorship

Once an instructor creates their syllabus, it can be imported for future courses or for additional sections they teach, saving time. Faculty can go back to archived syllabi they taught from to re-use again. Faculty can also share syllabi with fellow faculty members with the proper permissions.

Reorder and Relabel

Syllabus components in the Concourse system can be reordered and relabeled to fit your school's unique organizational structure


Support your school's sustainability mission. Concourse syllabi are available on any device, anywhere, anytime, and the syllabus is turned into a living, ever-changing document. Students quickly become accustomed to accessing their syllabus on the fly and clients tell us printing goes to near zero.

Faculty Freedom

Protect faculty freedom and intellectual property. Faculty can maintain complete freedom to edit the teaching components of their template any way they see fit. All while faculty intellectual property is completely protected.


If you use MS Word or PDFs for syllabi, chances are they aren't compliant for Students With Disabilities and conform to Section 508(b) and WCAG 2.1 AA standards. As the pioneer on this topic, Concourse will ensure your school does.

Faculty Tools

All faculty at your school can now manage multiple syllabi with minimal effort. If faculty can sign on to an LMS and use Microsoft Word, they can use Concourse. It’s really that simple. Transform the process of adjunct onboarding, as well. Easily clone past syllabi from previous terms for next term, too.


We pioneered the automation of user creation, courses, and registrations from your student information system. Synchronize content into syllabi from catalog and curriculum tools, too. With single sign-on, Concourse becomes a native component from directly inside your LMS for students and faculty.

Transfer Articulation

Do you work in the Registrar's Office and have students transferring in and out of your school? Need to correlate your syllabi but hate the paper chase? With Concourse, all syllabi are 3 mouse clicks away.

Reduce Legal Liability

Every school is prone to legal trouble if a single syllabus has missing, erroneous, or outdated Students With Disabilities information, or if syllabi don't accommodate special student populations. If syllabus information is inconsistent, outdated, or omitted, students will challenge the school for grade appeals, too. Using Concourse will help protect your institution from these complications.

No Coding, Point-and-Click Integration

Our Apidapter middleware tool changes everything, making extremely complex manual system integrations an easy point and click experience. Support for LTI, LDAP, CAS, SAML, Shibboleth, and more. Mix-and-match protocols too. Use conditional logic to adjust and format data on-the-fly, without a single line of code. Debug with transaction logging and archival so you’ll see what comes in and compare it to what goes out.

Print or PDF

The Concourse syllabus platform renders beautifully when printed on paper or downloaded to PDF, if needed.

Cheaper Than Printing

Most schools are shocked when they learn how much it costs to print syllabi at their school. Did you realize you can adopt Concourse for cheaper than the cost of printing syllabi? We have case studies and cost analysis to share.

Powerful Reporting

Reports that take a team of people weeks to compile is now done in a few mouse clicks. Instantly generate reports on content from syllabi across your institution. See the real-time status of the entire syllabus workflow across your school. Gain insight how students actually use and access their syllabus.


Centrally managing syllabi streamlines workflows by eliminating wasteful activity and duplication. What took a team of people weeks is now done by a few mouse clicks. Manage thousands of syllabi from a single login.

Student Retention

If tools are inconsistent, unreliable, or hard to access, students simply won’t use them. The syllabus is more than your students’ roadmap to success, it is your academic contract with students. Yet syllabi are inconsistent and unreliable and need to be easier to access, forcing students to tune out of the one tool that guides their success in the classroom. Concourse solves these challenges.

Mobile First

Today’s students demand mobility and flexibility. Concourse is the first cloud-based mobile-first syllabus solution that means syllabi are available on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Internal Analysis

If you work in Assessment, Institutional Excellence, Institutional Research, or Teaching Excellence, there's a wealth of information trapped inside syllabi you'd benefit from having access to but cannot extract. Now you can gain insight because with Concourse, the impossible is now possible.

Adjunct Support

Without Concourse, adjuncts who are hired at the last minute and new to your school might be completely lost when asked to pull together a syllabus that conforms to your school's requirements. Concourse changes everything, completely transforming new hire onboarding for the better.

Embed Media

Concourse allows instructors to insert or attach virtually any file they want to their unique syllabus. Want images or embedded video in your syllabus? It's easy. Attach files like MS Word, PDF, PowerPoint, and more.

Push Notifications

Students will never miss an update to their syllabus ever again. If your faculty make any changes, edits, or updates to syllabi students can be alerted with a personalized message from the instructor and a link back to the syllabus that was just updated via email push notification.

Broad to Granular Search

Have a line of sight into any current, past, or future syllabi inside the Concourse system. Choose from Course Title, Course Number, Subject, Subject Number, Campus Location, School, Department, Program, Instructor, Session, Year, Template, Non-Template, Registration Status, Audit Status, or Keyword.