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How can Concourse impact you?
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Administrators play a vital role in institutional success in multiple areas, making processes and procedures that assist in achieving this success extremely valuable.  Syllabus management is an incredibly important process that easily becomes unorganized and pushed aside to prioritize other projects and focuses. However, syllabus management can directly impact multiple aspects of any institution’s operations. Using a centralized syllabus management platform can create positive ripples that ease faculty resistance, bolster student retention, solidify accreditation reviews, and more.


At Concourse, our goal is to create an atmosphere where instructors feel empowered to edit their syllabi as they see fit. Combining templates and group permissions provides faculty with the academic freedom to create their part of syllabus content while maintaining the content provided by administrators. Additionally, faculty can make edits on one syllabus and then quickly and easily duplicate them on their other syllabi rather than adjusting them one by one. This saves time and allows the instructor to focus on what matters most to them: helping students learn.

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Students are greatly impacted by syllabi. The syllabus is their blueprint and guiding path for coursework over the entire semester, so it's important to have reliable access to syllabi throughout the class and beyond. Concourse provides a sense of consistency when creating syllabi, making it easy for users to find the information they are searching for. Your students have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information on all syllabi. Additionally, the platform allows students to check in on their syllabi from mobile devices, making their search for course information quick and accessible.

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