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Syllabus Management and Accessibility: Ensuring Compliance with Lake-Sumter State College and Concourse Syllabus
​Webinar Recording

Title slide of webinar presentation

Presented by Karen Hogans, Dr. Christopher Sargent, Dr. James Martin

Lake-Sumter State College (LSSC) used to manually handle syllabus documentation and accessibility compliance through a small team, which resulted in a time consuming process that still brought forth handfuls of inconsistencies. In 2020, LSSC began the search for a tool that would positively impact accessibility compliance within their syllabi. During and post Concourse implementation, LSSC discovered that the syllabus management system saved hours of manual labor, provided a sense of reliability as syllabi became consistent, and ensured documents would be accessible for all students, including those who used screen readers for their syllabi. 

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